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CollexArt is pleased to announce the results of Ode to the Ocean juried by Philip Koch.
We are very pleased to announce that David La Palombara's work, Great Head, won the Purchase Award. We will be acquiring his work for the CollexArt Patron Collection.

Congratulations also go out to Jiaxuan Yi, David LaPalombara, and Mary Newton. These three artists have been invited to have their own Artist Profile page with CollexArt.

CollexArt also offered sponsored Artist Websites to Ljubica Podhraski Blanusa, Amelia Rouse, and Krystel Rosales.

To find out more information click  here.

See the Ode to the Ocean showcase website here.
Ode to the Ocean


Untitled #7 by Laurel Anderson

Great Head by David La Palombara's won the Purchase Award and CollexArt Collection.
Harmony by Teri Figliuzzi Amity by Teri Figliuzzi

Mary Newton and Jiaxuan Yi were also selected by the juror to be featured in CollexArt, each with their own Artist Profile Page.
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 Donatella Nardari  |  South Africa

CollexArt discovers artists and artwork through call for entries. We offer Art Call Participants a variety of opportunities and awards throughout the year. Every participant can apply their full submission fee towards a CollexArt Member account. In addition we offer Purchase Awards, CollexArt Artist Profile pages, Sponsored by CollexArt Artist Portfolio Websites, and Cash Awards.

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CollexArt invites artists to submit original 2D works on paper whether traditional or experimental. Eligible submissions include, but are not limited to: drawings, paintings, printmaking, photographs, and collages. 

$1000 Purchase Award 
The Purchase Award is intended to support the selected artist/s with meaningful recognition as part of the CollexArt Collection. We will award a Purchase Award of $1000 at the conclusion of the call. The $1000 Purchase Award may be given to one artist or shared among 2 to 3 artists. The Purchase Award winner/s will be showcased in the CollexArt website.
Art on Paper
Art on Paper

The $1000 Purchase Award will be given to one artist or shared among 2 to 3 artists. The Purchase Award winner/s will be showcased in the CollexArt website. The award will be announced on August 19th,2024. Selected artists may be invited to have their own in-depth Artist Profile Page, and get their artwork in the curated Online Exhibit Space. All participating artists will have their work considered for the $5,000 Grand Prize award to be awarded in March 2025.

Submission Deadline: July 28th, 2024


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A number of Art Calls result in Purchase Awards. Through ongoing Purchase Awards CollexArt is building a collection and helping to promote artists in a variety of ways.

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