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We are pleased to announce the results of the 2021 Grand Prize Art Call
USA based artist, Patrick Webb won the $5,000 Grand Prize Cash Award. The Award was given to Webb for his submission of a series of works that included “Punchinello Battle,” a wash gouache charcoal and pen work realized on hand-made paper. The drawing is now part of the CollexArt Patron Collection.  Learn more about the artist by visiting his Artist Profile Page and view the Every Day Battles Online Exhibit.

We are also very pleased to announce that USA based artist, Eric Tucker is our Purchase Award Winner for his steel and glass work titled, A Snowy Day in January. The sculpture is now part of the CollexArt Patron Collection. Learn more about the artist by visiting his Artist Profile Page and view the Organic Geometry Online Exhibit.

To find out more information click  here.
Twenty Twenty Galley Selection

2021 GRAND PRIZE Award Winner

River by Teresa Bowyer

Patrick Webb
,  is our Award Winner for his work titled, "Punchinello Battle", created in 2020.

Purchase Award Winner

River by Teresa Bowyer

Eric Tucker
,  is our Award Winner for his work titled, "A Snowy Day in January", created in 2005.

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Vantage Point
Vantage Point
Selected artists will have their work included in an online exhibit, or in the Collexart Galery Store, or both. Selected artists will also get an extensive Artist Profile Page and are entered as finalists for the Annual Grand Prize. Selected artists may also win a Purchase Prize Award.  


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