Contemporary Landscape Awards


Contemporary landscape

CollexArt is pleased to announce the results of Contemporary Landscape.
We wish to thank all of the artists who submitted to Contemporary Landscape. We received works from painters, photographers, printmakers, collage artists, and sculptors. Artists hailed from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, India, Greece, Israel, Italy, Panama, Portugal, Spain, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Artists touched on themes of grief and ethical concerns relating to the fragility of the planet and our uncertain future. Others touched on elements of surprise in the landscape, passage of time, ever present change, dreamlike visions, memories, and storytelling.
Purchase Award Winner
We are very pleased to announce that Canadian artist, Teresa Bowyer, is the Purchase Award Winner for Contemporary Landscape. We will be acquiring her work titled, River.

River is a work that offers a quiet meditation on themes of strength, change, movement and time. The painting asks us to let go of what we think we see, and to replace it with what we know.
Grand Prize Finalists
Congratulations go out to Teresa Bowyer, Bruce Brainard, Kathleen Frank, and Diane Schroeder.
Recognized Artists
All Recognized Artists are now finalists for the CollexArt Grand Prize Award which will be announced in March of 2021.
Purchase Award Winner

Teresa Bowyer is our Award Winner for her work titled, River.

Acrylic on Birch Panel
30" x 35"

Purchase Award winner, Grand Prize finalists and entries that caught our attention.