CollexArt is pleased to announce the results of the Idea in Art Competition juried by the CollexArt Curatorial Team.
We thank all of the artists who submitted their work and commend each artist for their creativity and effort. Participating artists hailed from Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, France, Georgia, Ireland, Japan, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, South Africa, Ukraine, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Artists submitted works addressing environmental issues such as pollution, sustainability, and the natural beauty around us. Themes of decay and renewal in nature emphasized environmental stewardship and the preservation of natural habitats. Additionally, many works delved into personal histories and collective memories, reflecting on the significance of old tools and nostalgic objects. Abstract and experimental techniques were prevalent, showcasing the creative use of mediums and technology to represent emotional and psychological landscapes.
Purchase Award Winner
We are very pleased to announce that Donatella Nardari has won the Purchase Award for her work titled: Ideas. We will be acquiring Ideas for the CollexArt Patron Collection.
Artist Profile Winners
Congratulations go out to Donatella Nardari, Verônica Alkmim, Stephen Von Mason, and Philippe Halaburda. These four artists are now feature in CollexArt in our featured artists section of the site.
CollexArt Sponsored Artist Website Winners
Congratulations go to Cheryl Audet-Lavoie, Bassim Attia, Verônica Alkmim, Donatella Nardari and Tomas Gilvonauskas.
Ideas by Donatella Nardari
Purchase Award Winner

Ideas by Donatella Nardari

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