Color Sense / 2nd Annual Competition



CollexArt is pleased to announce the results of the 2nd Annual Color Sense Competition
We’d like to thank the artists who submitted their work to the 2nd Annual Color Sense Competition. We received works from painters, digital artists, photographers, and mixed media artists. Artists hailed from  Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Chile, China, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Macedonia, Mexico, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom, and the United States.

A number of artists submitted works exploring the layering and interaction of color, others were focused on the moods that certain colors elicit, and a few shared their pure joy in using a dynamic palette to create their artwork.
Purchase Award Winner
We are very pleased to announce that USA based artist, Marjorie Hellman is the Purchase Award Winner for the 2nd Annual Color Sense Competition. We will be acquiring her acrylic on aluminum piece titled, Piccolo.

Key to the artist’s vision, is the way color juxtapositions provide the illusion that shapes and forms appear transparent or translucent, creating a sense of structure, depth, space and light.  Her process involves observations from both the natural and manmade worlds which she combines to arrive at abstract drawings of intersecting lines which then give rise to her complex color studies.
Artist Profile Winners
Congratulations go out to Dale Appleman, Sora Devore, Christy Hengst, Bernard Meyers, Oleg Tsank, and Ellen Weitkamp. These six artists are invited to have their own Artist Profile pages with CollexArt.
CollexArt Sponsored Artist Website Winners
Congratulations go to Xindi Zhao, Winston Harris, and Ilona Wojciechowska. Look for their CollexArt sponsored websites here once they are ready.
Piccolo by Marjory Hellman– Purchase Award andCollexArt Collection.

Purchase Award Winner

Piccolo by Marjorie Hellman– Purchase Award and CollexArt Collection.

Piccolo's juxtaposition of color and layer transparency creates a new dimension in which the interaction of colors guides the viewer. The irregular shape of the painting and the way it floats on the wall adds a sculptural element where multiple light sources form shadows of different values that look like a continuation of the artwork.

Piccolo by Marjory Hellman– Purchase Award andCollexArt Collection.

Color Sense 2021 Showcase Website
Congratulations go to 38 artists featured in the new CollexArt Color Sense 2021 Website. Visit this website and click on the featured submissions to view artists' selected work, and to find contact and website information.

CollexArt showcase websites are intended to help promote the work of selected participants.

Purchase Award winners and entries that caught our attention are listed below. To see a larger selection visit the CollexArt Color Sense 2021 Website.