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Jeremy Mayer

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Jeremy Mayer
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Jeremy Mayer is a California sculptor who makes assemblages of living things exclusively from the components of carefully disassembled typewriters. In his time-intensive studio practice Mayer uses no glue, solder, welds, wire, or anything outside of a collection of all vintages of typewriter, using only the screws, nuts, springs, and pins to assemble his mostly life-scale sculptures of living things.

Artist Statement

I've written many artist statements over the years, and I've come to realize that the work itself is the statement. I hope that in viewing my work that people will consider the process and practice first, then imagine why it is relevant to our time. To my mind, the act of making art is analogous to the way an individual lives and sees the world. Making art and living are inseparable. My work is a representation of my best and worst self; it's what I know and feel right now, this very second.

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I grew up in Northern Minnesota. My early sculpture influences were: trees, big plastic roadside attractions all over the Midwestern United States, roadside political statements scrawled on car hoods next to some animal made from farm equipment, science fiction books and films, DaVinci's impossible but prescient sketches of inventions, and the design of the typewriter itself. My art education is informal but based in traditional sculpture methods. Instead of going to art school right out of high school, I worked for sculptors. This education involved: making molds of ancient architectural adornments, casting sculptures of Hindu deities, casting anatomical medical models.

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