Big Ideas / Small Works



CollexArt is pleased to announce the results of the CollexArt Big Ideas / Small Works Call to Artists.
We thank all of the artists who submitted and commend the efforts of each artist who took part in the call. Artist hailed from Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Croatia, Finland, France, Germany, India, Iran, Israel, Japan, Portugal, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and United States.

Artists submitted thoughtful works dealing with our consumerist society, the environment, Covid isolation, endangered species, healing, ideas revolving around identity, personal crisis, end of life, the struggle for freedom, landscape studies, form studies, abstracts and more.
Purchase Award Winner
We are very pleased to announce two Purchase Award winners. Japan based artist, Matthew Shewchuk, has been awarded a Purchase Award for his wooden piece titled Keyaki Hollow Form, and UK based artist, Isabella Abbot, received a Purchase Award for her linoprint series titled, Freedom.  We will be acquiring their work for the CollexArt Patron Collection.
Artist Profile Winners
Congratulations go out to three CollexArt Artist Profile recipients. Soon you will be able to click on each artists' link to learn more about their work: Rex Weil, Carol Ladewig, Philip Koch
CollexArt Sponsored Artist Website Winners
Congratulations go to Matthew Shewchuk, Isabella Abbot, and Jiaxuan Yi. Soon you will be able to click on their name to see their sponsored websites.
Keyaki Hollow Form
Purchase Award Winner

Keyaki Hollow Form by Matthew Shewchuk– Purchase Award and Sponsored Website Winner

Purchase Award Winner

Liberation by Isabella Abbott– Purchase Award and Sponsored Website

Purchase Award winners and entries that caught our attention.