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Teresa Bowyer

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Teresa Bowyer
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Teresa Bowyer graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Major: Studio Arts) from Concordia University, Montreal. Over the years, she has honed her skills as an illustrator and deepened her knowledge of anatomy and organic forms by virtue of her studio practice and subsequent fellowships in Ireland.  Her work can be found in private collections in Japan, Iran, Scotland, the United States, Canada, Ireland and England.  She was awarded an Inter-arts Creation Grant from the Ontario Arts Council in 2020.  Teresa resides and works in Kenora, Ontario.

Artist Statement
My earliest, most vivid childhood memories are of spending countless hours kneeling down low and close to the ground in a treeless park in Sarnia, my small frame crushing the newly mown grass beneath me.  Surrounded by the relative vastness of empty space, I bent lower to the ground, observing a remarkable world: ever-active ants, their movements energizing the grains of sand and pebbly, dry plantain seeds that made up their universe.  My fascination and sense of wonder at nature’s secret worlds has only grown over time, quickened and deepened during childhood camping trips where the oceans, heavily scented woods, and open fields enthralled me, as did the time spent living on the shores of Lake Huron.  This signature fascination found new focus upon my moving to Kenora, a place dominated by the Lake of the Woods’ moody beauty.  My work seeks to express all that nature inspires in me when I take in its temporal, ever-changing compositions, with particular attention lavished on water.  This vital element’s textures, rhythms, sounds, temperaments, colours, patterns, objects afloat on it and those hidden below its surface provide a glistening allegory for the human condition as well as stark beauty for beauty’s sake.  Water’s mercurial temper generates moments that are lost in the rush. Wave formations, fleeting patterns made by drops of wet clay on the surface of otherwise still water, gull feathers, errant insects momentarily brought together with algal blooms floating in the August sun, looking for all the world like stars, all part of a tangled beauty, composing and decomposing.  My paintings seek to capture some of that beauty, bridging the finite with the infinite, and vice-versa.


Solo Exhibitions – Galleries and Alternative Venues

Galerie Luz, New Works, Montreal, June 27th – July 21st, 2007
Gaia, Musicscapes, Montréal, May 15th - July 17th, 2006
Galerie Luz, Musicscapes, Montréal, February 25th - March 25th, 2006
Ruth Anderson Gallery, New Works, London, ON, November 1998
Commingle, Dungannon, ON, 1996

Solo Exhibitions and Live Painting Performances

The Gladstone Hotel, La Danse du Serpent, Toronto, ON, June 27th, 2004
O Patro Vys, La Danse du Serpent, Montréal, December 1st - 31st, 2004
Gallery Post Meridian, La Danse du Serpent, Montreal, October 5th–31st, 2004
O Patro Vys, La Danse du Serpent, Montréal, March 11th 2004
Galerie Fokus, La Danse du Serpent, Montréal, Aug 24th - September 14th, 2003

Group Exhibitions- Galleries, Festivals, Film

Holly Freisen Art Gallery, Kenora, ON 2019
CBC Television,“Sophie”,Montréal, 2009
Galerie Luz,10th Anniversary Exhibition, Montréal, July 25th - August 11th, 2007
Society of Canadian Artists, Papermill Art Gallery, Todmorden Mills Museum, Toronto 39th National Open Juried Exhibition September 27th – October 15th, 2006
Propellor Centre, The 0.7% Show - Aug 2nd to 20th,2006
Praxis Gallery, Landscape: The Lasting Impression, Toronto, June 9th – 22nd, 2006
Studio Benim, One Night Stand, Montréal, March 2005
Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto, July 9th - 11th, 2004
Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto, July 11th -13th, 2003
Distillery Historical Art Exhibition, Toronto, June 21st-22nd, August 9th-10th 2003
Give Me Shelter Festival, Goderich, ON, August, 1998
Signal Art Studio, Mayworks, London, May 2nd -16th, 1999
For The Art of It, London, 1999
Forest City Gallery, Mayworks London, May 2nd-16th, 1999

Group – Live Painting Performance

Junction Arts Festival, Toronto, September 10th, 2004
La Sala Rosa, Art Matters Festival, Montréal, March 10th, 2004
Junction Arts Festival, Toronto, September 13th, 14th, 2003


Painted Song: An evening of live opera music combined with an exhibition of paintings inspired by opera, Kenora, 2018
Designed Album Covers: Michael Dozier, Montréal, 2009 ‘Fables and Vamps’, Montréal, 2002


Purchase Award, Collexart, 2020
Ontario Arts Council Multi- Inter-Arts Creation Grant, 2020
Tyrone Guthrie Centre Artist Residency Fellowship, 2009
Ballinglen Arts Foundation Artist Residency Fellowship, 2009
Timothy Edward McIninch Award, 2008
John Jackman Bursary, Concordia University, 2008
Special Arts Photography award from H.B. Beal Secondary School, 1999


Concordia University, Montréal, 2001-2008
- Program Description: Double Major in Studio Arts (Drawing/Painting) and English Literature
UQUAM, Montréal, QC, 2001
- Program Description: Independent Studies: Drawing
H.B. Beal Secondary School, London, ON 1997-98
- Program Description: Year I Foundations of Art / Year II Art Specialization: Sculpture, Photography

Advanced Training

Oil Painting Lessons with Painter, Fabian Jean 2003-2008
Life Drawing Private Lessons with Sculptor, Tino Petronzio 2002
Art Therapy Workshop with Diane Petit, 2001

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