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Ximena Alarcon
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Ximena Alarcón is a French-Mexican artist who works and shares her time between Peru, Mexico and France. Her first studies were in Fashion design; subsequently she earned a Masters degree at the Marangoni Institute of Milan. On returning to Mexico her interests turned to sculpture and the plastic arts. In 2002, she opened her first workshop in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris devoted mainly to designing jewelry in a sculpture-spacial mode, as seen in the XAC project, on which she still works to the day. Her sculpture explores the notion of space and movement in geometric and organic terms. Her installations, objects and works on paper, raise questions on sociopolitical themes as gender condition, social inequalities, racism, and empathy. She has exhibited in Mexico at: the Fundación Sebastián, the Pablo Goebel Gallery, the INCMNSZ in Mexico City, as well as the Santo Domingo Cultural Center of Oaxaca, Mexico. In Peru at: the Alliance Française of Lima and the British Institute of San Juan de Lurigancho in Lima. Her work now constitutes part of the Fundación Sebastián Collection and private collections in Mexico, Spain, Sweden, France, United States and Peru.

Artist Statement

My work is a constant search of the possibilities of movement, space and volume. l work on jewelry scale models that are turned into small and medium scale pieces, and I am always considering the possibility of them becoming monumental sculptures or human scale living spaces.

Recent Article: https://revista192.com/ximena-alarcon-el-jardin-de-los-penes/

Mexican- French artist, Ximena Alarcon was born and raised in Mexico City. She became a French citizen in 2003 and after living twenty years in Paris, she moved to Lima, Peru where she now lives and works sharing her time with her studio in Mexico City. After her college education she studied fashion design for two years in Mexico City before enrolling in the Instituto Marangoni in Milan, Italy, where she earned a Master’s degree in Development of Fashion Collections. On her return to Mexico in 1991, her interests turned to the plastic arts, which led to a collaboration with sculptor Javier Astorga. It was at this point in her life that her passion for sculpture and her creative potential emerged. In 1997 she moved to Paris where she discovered a new vocabulary in art and a new medium in jewelry. Her collaboration with jeweler Thierry Vendome reinforced her conception of jewelry as a form of sculpture. In 2002 she opened her first workshop in the Marais in Paris, an activity that she continues today under the name XAC. The esteem that Ximena Alarcon feels for Mexican pre-Hispanic architecture, which she considers a harbinger of abstract art, is referenced even in her earliest work. Another influence she acknowledges is that of the sculptors Eduardo Chillida and Francesco Marino di Teana.

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