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Long They Wait, Hope Series No. 17

Jeanne Golightly

Long They Wait, Hope Series No. 17

Oil on canvas

30" height x 40" width

Original oil on canvas This painting was made as a study in composition and color for a public art commission in Athens, Georgia.

Awards / Reviews

Jeanne Golightly is our first recipient of the Purchase Award. Her work is inspired by current events and calls to mind the tenuous geopolitical times in which we live. In her painting "Long They Wait" the viewer confronts an aerial view of displaced migrants with their faces turned skyward in a posture of hope. As with other paintings in this series, we are shown groups of people who are not individually identifiable. Perhaps this alludes to the fact these people are treated collectively, and too often their own personal stories are ignored.

This original painting was done as an early study for a commission for Art Decko Athens, a public art project for downtown Athens, Georgia. With the goal of promoting art in unexpected places, Jeanne and eight other artists were chosen from over 100 entries for the project. Her larger finished work is part of the permanent collection in the College Avenue Parking Deck.

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