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Philippe Halaburda

United States
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Philippe Halaburda
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Philippe Halaburda is a French-born artist with over twenty-five years of experience making abstract and colorful art about psychogeography mapping following the creative drifting process. He graduated through the Art and Graphic Design School EDTA Sornas in Paris, and in September 2020, he moved to Newburgh, NY.

Artist Statement

As an artist, I am captivated by the intricate connections between individuals and their surroundings, particularly through the lens of psychogeographical mapping. My work unravels hidden layers of meaning and emotion within the urban landscape, exploring how our environment molds our perceptions and shapes our experiences.

My creative process involves immersive walks through diverse neighborhoods, where keen observations are transformed into paintings, drawings, and various mediums. These fragmented cartographies reveal the complex undercurrents of our intimate and collective interactions within these spaces. Beyond human experiences, I employ coded algorithms to incorporate geographic and collective data, weaving connections with the nonhuman world—objects, plants, trees, and animals. This approach unveils unconscious interconnections, constructing a broader mental architecture of our- selves.

I focus on the transformative potential of psychogeographical mapping, envisioning living spaces as hubs of creative potential. By reimagining our relationship with the environment, we explore new possibilities and innovative ways of engaging with the world. Through my art, I aspire to contribute to this exploration, encouraging others to delve into the psychogeographical dimensions of their surroundings. Together, we can uncover fresh perspectives, fostering a collective journey toward creative transformation.

Philippe Halaburda graduated through the Art and Graphic Design School EDTA Sornas in Paris. He primarily works with paint to make uniform color strokes done by hand into exploded compositions. Since 2019, he has included materials such as tape, string, or ribbon to design imaginary topographies on flat surfaces and, recently,
on-site art installations.

His work mainly focuses on unconscious connections, environmental interactions, and the non-human world. Philippe aims to create and share colorful, emotional, and meaningful artwork that resonates with any audience. He loves creating paintings that can involve the viewer and bring them to enter my artistic practice, always in research of new ideas or materials to use.

The singularity of his work lies in the poetic and spontaneous expression of landscapes transformed into a unique visual code of collected algorithms and data that the artist keeps inventing and perfecting.

Various American and European galleries with several solo shows have represented Philippe Halaburda.

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