Annual Grand Prize Award


CollexArt Grand Prize AWARD

Each year CollexArt hosts  4-5 Art Calls followed by a Grand Prize Art Call that starts at the end of the year and closes in March of the following year.  CollexArt uses Art Calls to discover art and artists. All artists who receive recognition during the year through one of our Art Calls are invited to submit for free to the Grand Prize Art Call. Artists who received a Purchase Award during the year are automatically included among the finalists for the Grand Prize.

Starting in May of 2021, we will host as many as 4-5 Art Calls through the late spring, summer, and fall prior to the launch of our Grand Prize Art Call which will open again in December of this year.

Previous CollexArt Grand Prize Awards

Our first Grand Prize Art Call started in December of 2020 and we recognized the winners in March of 2021. We awarded a $5000 Cash Award to Patrick Webb for his submission of a series of works that included “Punchinello Battle,” a wash gouache charcoal and pen work on handmade paper. That drawing is now part of the CollexArt Patron Collection.

We were impressed by Webb’s subject matter, use of the medium, and in particular, the recurring character of Punchinello who appears in scenes of conflict. Webb began this body of work in the 1990’s and continues to evolve this theme to this day. His paintings resonate through history, and with the recent events in the USA and other parts of the world. The mask that Punchinello wears reminds us of our current condition of hidden identities and of our vulnerability to external forces.

For more information about Patrick Webb, we invite you to visit his Artist Profile Page where you can read his artist statement and view his extensive biography.

We also invite you to explore the online exhibit of his work titled, Everyday Battles, featuring some of his most recent work.

CollexArt's next Art Call will be announced May 2021.