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Matthew Portch

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Matthew Portch
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Australian based photographer, Matthew Portch, was born and raised in Bristol, England, and spent the 1970s and 1980s in a typical middle class suburb. Television and movies were the artist's favorite distraction, especially anything from the USA. The backdrop of the North American scenery felt to him like an exotic antidote to the humdrum of the English city suburbs and countryside.

Artist Statement

In my youth I was a keen illustrator, spending hours pouring over the minutia of the subject matter. I wanted my drawings to feel as close to reality as possible. The work saw me enrolled in college at a young age where I studied Photography and Graphic Design. Drawing on my childhood memories, the visuals of the American landscape has remained a major influence on my photography in my adult life. I like my pictures aesthetically simple, clean and graphic, which resonates with my background in design. I also want my images to retain an air of perplexity; keeping them free of people and any notable present-day objects helps leave the viewer guessing. Could the picture have been taken now or decades in the past?

When I photograph a scene, I capture everything across the frame in focus to give a heightened sense of reality. Given each picture is deliberately simple and mundane, the detail of the capture is just as important as the subject matter and becomes a character of the image in itself. I use the full size of the sensor and prefer not to crop. I like to restrict myself to these disciplines as an austere part of the image process - a digital reverence to the era of large format film if you will.

My creative vision is to capture a calm and melancholic disposition in the landscape and create a scene of discernible simplicity to evoke an emotional and response from within.


Group Exhibition, Exhibition 20, Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne, Australia


Group Exhibition, Life Framer & Daylighted, Digital Exhibition, International

Group Exhibition, Live projections, Los Angeles Central Library, MOPLA House of Lucie, USA

Group Exhibition, MOPLA House of Lucie Book Exhibition, L.A., USA


Group Exhibition, The Other Art Fair, Los Angeles, USA,

Solo Exhibition, Desert Modern & Lost America, Denfair, Melbourne, Australia

Solo Exhibition, Desert Modern, Rokeby Galley, Melbourne, Australia

Group Exhibition, Praxis Gallery Exhibition, Minneapolis, USA

Solo Exhibition, Lost America, Seventh Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

Group Exhibition, Lost America, Palm Springs Photo Festival, Palm Springs, USA


Group Exhibition, Architectural Photography Award, Budapest, Hungary

Group Exhibition, Lost America, Shoot the Frame & Indian Photo Festival, Hyderabad, India

Solo Exhibition, Lost America, Head On Festival, Gaffa Gallery, Sydney, Australia

Group Exhibition, PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

Group Exhibition, Lost America, The Other Art Fair, Melbourne, Australia

Group Exhibition, Yicca Awards, Rome, Italy

Group Exhibition, Lost America, Yard Furniture, Melbourne, Australia

Group Exhibition, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

Group Exhibition, Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece


Group Exhibition, Bowness Award, Monash Gallery of Art, Melbourne, Australia

Group Exhibition, NVLA International Photography Show, San Francisco, USA

Group Exhibition, Head On Photo Festival, Sydney, Australia

Group Exhibition, Photobook Melbourne Photo Award, Melbourne, Australia

Group Exhibition, Salon Award, Centre of Contemporary Photography, Melbourne, Australia

Numerous Awards. Please refer to the artist’s website for a full overview: https://www.mattportch.com/awards

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