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Susan Fraser-Hughes

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Susan Fraser-Hughes
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Susan Fraser-Hughes lives and works in Vancouver, Canada. She grew up in Perth, Western Australia, before moving to Calgary in her late twenties, and then Vancouver in 2012. Her charcoal drawings, created in direct response to an interaction between a place; landscape or architectural, or an object, are emotive, and often, deeply personal. The interactions as Fraser-Hughes explains, trigger a sensory response which in turn, trigger a deep, inner connection. Susan often creates works in series, every drawing within a series, telling a element of the story and or experience. She has participated in exhibitions in Canada, the USA and England, and most recently earned a PhD in Fine Art from Aberystwyth University in Wales.

Artist Statement

Two recurrent themes run throughout my work: sense of place, and sense of self. In many ways my art is documenting my journey, my physical journey; places I have visited and lived in, architectural and landscape, and my inner journey; aspects of my self and my history. Often they work hand in hand, my visual explorations of a place, triggering a memory or reaction, which in turn, guides the development of my work. Sometimes, particularly when I work with landscapes, my work allows me to resurface, to breathe.

Connection. When I connect with a place, an experience, or an object, the impact is almost physical. Much like a tuning fork of a particular frequency, when struck, is able to make a second tuning fork of the same frequency, vibrate without physical interference; certain places and experiences affect a similar response in me. When I experience such a connection, every fiber within feels attuned. I work to make sense of these connections, through the art I create in the studio.


Aberystwyth University, Wales, United Kingdom, PhD in Fine Arts, 2017
The University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Master of Fine Arts, 2002
Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary, Alberta, Bachelor of Fine Arts with distinction, 2000
Cambridge University, Cambridge, England, Art History Summer School, 2001
Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia, Bachelor of Education, 1992


Resonance, Vancouver, Canada, 2015
Corbels, Gallery B, Aberystwyth, Wales, 2014

Heads, Little Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, 2014

Lands Formed, Virginia Christopher, Calgary, Alberta, 2008
Transition, Mezzanine Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, 2006
Juxtaposition, Trianon Gallery, Lethbridge, Alberta, 2005
Momentum, Little Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, 2002
Exordium, Marion Nicholl Plus 15, Calgary, Alberta, 2000


Solidarite, INAOSSIEN Art, Online, 2020

Drawn, Manifest Gallery, Cincinatti, Ohio, 2019

Human Nature, Colours of Humanity Gallery, Online, 2019
Identity, Envision Arts, Online, 2019
Unity in Opposition, a Joint Show With Eric Cameron, Curated by Nicholas Wade, Trianon Gallery, Lethbridge, Alberta, 2013
Art-O-Rama, Triangle Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, 2010
Art-O-Rama, Triangle Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, 2008
Art at the Castle, Casa Loma, Toronto, Ontario, 2008
Faculty Exhibition, Nickle Arts Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, 2007
Three Definitions of the Sublime, a Joint Show With Helena Hadala and Louise Pagè, Curated by Eric Cameron, Triangle Gallery, Calgary, 2007
The 27 Year Old Show, Virginia Christopher, Calgary, Alberta, 2006
Studio and Christmas Art Show, Triangle Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, 2006
New Work, New Artists, Virginia Christopher, Calgary, Alberta, 2006
Making a Mark, Winter Street Studios, Houston, Texas, 2006

Faculty Exhibition, Nickle Arts Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, 2005

The Studio, Triangle Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, 2005

New York Arts Festival, Spirit Club, New York, NY, 2005

The Studio, Triangle Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, 2004

Link (MFA Show), Nickle Arts Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, 2002
Non–Existence, Existence, Little Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, 2001
Graduating Show, BFA, Illingworth Kerr Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, 2000
Immersion, Marion Nicholl Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, 2000

Elements, Harrison Gallery, Calgary, Alberta, 2000
Painting Graduate Show, ACAD, Calgary, Alberta, 1999
Pull of Heaven and Earth, ACAD, Calgary, Alberta, 1999
BEAM, ACAD, Calgary, Alberta, 1999

Awards Show, ACAD, Calgary, Alberta, 1999
Spring Show and Sale, ACAD, Calgary, Alberta, 1998
Awards Show, ACAD, Calgary, Alberta, 1997


London International Creative Competition, LICC Finalist 2019

London International Creative Competition, LICC Category Winner, 2011
Visual Arts Grant, Alberta Foundation for the Arts, 2006

Finalist – Experimental Category, Artists Magazine, 2004

Alberta Heritage Masters Scholarship, U of C, Calgary, 2001

Alberta Heritage Scholarship, U of C, Calgary, 2001

Faculty of Fine Arts Graduate Research and Travel, ACAD, Calgary
Grumbacher / Davies International Prize, ACAD, Calgary

BEAM, ACAD, Calgary

Masters Gallery Scholarship, ACAD, Calgary

Illingworth Kerr Scholarship, ACAD, Calgary


ArtAscent Magazine, Winter, 2021

Solidarite Catalogue, INAOSSiEN Art 2020

Envision Arts Magazine 2020

Envision Arts Magazine, 2019

London International Creative Competition (LICC) Art Book, 2011

Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Alberta, 2004


Podcast, Human Prosperity Inc. 2021
Alberta Society of Artists, 2014
Lethbridge University, 2013

The Calgary Herald, Christopher Willard, 2007

The Calgary Herald, Jane Harrison, Life at Home, 2006

A-Channel, Michelle MacDougal, News, 2005
University of Calgary Gazette, Lindsey Oosenbrug, April Edition, 2002
Calgary Gallery Guide, Monique Westra, Summer Edition, 2000

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