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Maddox Pratt

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Maddox Pratt
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Maddox Pratt is an American visual artist living in Munich, Germany. They work in a variety of mediums including acrylic and oil paint, encaustic, linoleum and letterpress printing, as well as digital poetry. They find inspiration in the natural world and the world of language, creating expressionist landscapes and poetry-infused encaustic pieces.

Artist Statement

I embrace the / , ​the combination of text and color, the straddling of two mediums, the space between. ​I work with paint and encaustic materials. I draw on landscapes or their descriptions when painting, focusing on the emotions evoked rather than a recreation of what was there. I am interested in the ways climate change is affecting our relationship with the natural world, creating more frequent scenes of destruction and frightening beauty. Having grown up in California, I am especially drawn to the scenes of recent wildfires and smoke filled skies. I trained as a scenic artist for theatre and so particularly enjoy working on large format works.

Maddox Pratt is an American visual artist living in Munich, Germany. The child of artists, they grew up learning from them. They studied with the artist Leigh Hyams when they were young and have taken classes with Gage Academy in Seattle, Washington and the Volkshochschule in Munich. In addition to painting, Maddox works with encaustic mediums, letterpress printing, and digital poetry. Their digital poetry has been featured in the collection ​Videogames for Humans ​and mentioned in the book ​Hybrid Play: Crossing Boundaries in Game Design, PlayersIdentities and Play Spaces.

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