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Howard Hersh

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Howard Hersh
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Howard Hersh has been a full time studio artist for 35 years. He was born and raised in Los Angeles, and developed a professional practice in Santa Fe, NM. He now lives and works in San Francisco. Over time, Hersh's work has ranged from organic imagery to geometric, employing oil, acrylic, encaustic, drawing, printmaking, and woodworking.

Artist Statement

My work has always had an overarching theme of 'No Separation'. Whether it's been combining imagery, mediums, genres, palettes, or styles, I work towards illustrating an interconnected and harmonious world. Currently, structure is what my work is all about. I employ it as imagery and also as the form itself. That is, I'm building structures that are part of the painting. I'm creating illusionistic space as well as real space, coming off the wall. Using structure as a metaphor, it's so ubiquitous it's used as a noun and a verb.

Howard Hersh, a third generation artist, largely self taught and motivated, has maintained a full time studio practice for 35 years. After relocating from the Bay Area to Santa Fe, NM in the mid-eighties, the immersion into a very active art community allowed Hersh the support to begin a lifetime of creating.

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