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Eden Bender

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Eden Bender
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I grew up in rural Ontario. I was always outside playing and inspired by my surroundings. I spent most of my time creating naïve sculptures from found objects and painted them with a rainbow of colours. As far back as I can remember, I would form these magical worlds and many hours were spent perfecting them. I was a collector, mostly of textural objects and a creator limited only by my imagination.

Artist Statement

The involvement in my community has always been a great source of inspiration and education. The primary focus of recent works are the human effects on the environment and our social emotional responses. I often camouflage the somber mood with iridescent colours that provide a blinding palette. Textures draw you into touch. The repetitive technique and exploration of industrial materials are carried throughout my work. Layers of synthetic materials are applied to mimic their organic properties. The dichotomy between light and dark are echoed throughout both my sculpture and painting. It is the psychological aspects of a driven, overstimulated generation that compels me to search out an inner calmness and a sense of self-fulfillment. My sculptural work is both conceptual and figurative. It often relies on scale to draw the observer into a surreal world of transformation and metamorphosis – a world where unusual juxtaposition of static and dynamic is the norm. I often use paper clay and introduce non-traditional ceramic glazes, fibre, metal and cement, as well as other found objects, into my sculptures. My paintings are layered with ink drawings, collage, acrylic and encaustic paints.

Eden Bender is an established Toronto based sculptor and painter. Eden graduated from York University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and continues to take specialized courses furthering her exploration of materials and techniques. She has received numerous awards including the Odette Sculpture Award, the Ontario Arts Council Award and the Fusion Design Award. She is in multiple publications including Beautiful Home by Studio Pyramid, Objekt International; 500 Figures in Clay, LarkBooks; and The Black and White of Eden Bender, Fusion Magazine. Eden’s work was internationally exhibited at the Stricoff Gallery, New York; Art Basel, Switzerland; Warsaw Poland International Ceramic Exhibition, Poland; Master Class St.Petersburg, Russia; and The International Art Fair, Toronto.

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