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Boris Garanger

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Boris Garanger
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French artist, Boris Garanger was born in 1986. He studied art Ecole des Beaux Arts de Lorient, Beaux Arts de Rennes and at the Ecole La Cambre in Brussels. An explorer at heart, Garanger has spent time in Madagascar, île Maurice, Switzerland, Canada, and the United States. His travels have fueled his art practice and helped him to develop an intercultural sensitivity.

Artist Statement

Has a particular face struck you during the yellow vest protests ? Do you recall any faces? You probably remember the boxer, Christophe Dettinger, who was on the news for several weeks, because he knocked a cop down. Do you remember anyone else? Probably not. Instead, you keep in the mind clashes, violence, crowds, demonstrations, blue vests against yellow, the energy, and yet one rarely takes individualities into account. Group gathering is a way to gain strength, power and impact. Solidarity in the face of adversity brings a kind of effervescence, vigor, adrenaline which increases forces, in the abnegation of one-self. The group and its motivation take over individual inspirations and one’s morale.

In my current work, abstraction is an essential part of this series. I am looking for the moment where figuration becomes abstraction and abstraction becomes figuration. I am looking for that instant of balance in which they become interlocked, that place which triggers a desire to know more, which stirs curiosity and pushes us to look for coherence of history and space. I am shifting that equilibrium point. Figuration takes more or less over on abstraction. Sometimes, the background and the shape combine, dissociating one from the other becomes a contortion, an effort.

The framing is close. It contains shapes. The individuals wish to exit the painting. One has a feeling of overflow, an overwhelming energy. This “objective” allows me to accentuate a formal shift, an abstraction. The spectator is placed in a situation of direct confrontation, of submersion with the subjects represented.

Les soudeurs dans la nuit » à Changé (Mayenne). 5ème participation

Le festival du premier roman

à Laval. 3 eme participation

art home expo » Chatou
expo4art » halle des blancs manteaux à Paris
sélectionné pour l’exposition collective YICCA au centre culturel de Milan

Jackson’s painting prize online
salon des artistes français au Grand Palais à Paris
Arcité aux Halles Roublot à Fontenay-sous-bois
Galeriste » avec la galerie W au carreau du temple à Paris


sélectionné pour Arte Laguna Art Prize à l’arsenal de Venise du 13 mars au 5 Avril  
salon Comparaison goupe OSTENDO au Grand Palais à Paris

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