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Bernard C. Meyers

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Bernard C. Meyers
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Bernard C. Meyers is an American abstract contemporary artist, photographer, and art educator who creates original works on paper. He currently lives in Utah and returns often to Maine. He is an Artist in Residence at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art through November of 2022.

Artist Statement

“I want to wake and see the world each day with fresh eyes.”

I am an abstract contemporary artist who is inspired by the urban environment. My imagery explores the intersections of photographic realism and abstract expressionism. These divergent worlds intertwine through my re-organization of space, the interactions of color and a convergence of reality and imagination.

I've always been driven by form and design as if each piece created were a puzzle to be put together differently. Today’s technology allows me to deconstruct a single image into a myriad of possibilities. I use digital tools in either an ordered or random fashion. It depends on where my mind's eye might go, walking the pallet knifes edge between photography and painting.

Throughout my career my guiding premise, from Minor White, has always been, “Photograph something not for what it is but for what it can become”.

Bernard C. Meyers (b.1955) is an American abstract contemporary artist. With an MFA from Rochester Institute of Technology in traditional printmaking the work explores the intersections of photographic realism and abstract expressionism. His work has been featured in gallery, museum and institutional solo exhibitions in addition to numerous group shows throughout his career. His work is held in museum, library and private collections nationwide. He is an artist within Utah DeMarcation Portfolio of Contemporary Photography published by Granary Arts, 2019. In 2021-2022 he is an artist in residence at the Utah Museum ofContemporary Art for 2021 & 2022. Meyers is represented by Alan Klotz Gallery in New York.

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