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Do I need an account to make a Purchase Request?

You do not need an account to select items from the CollexArt Store, but during the checkout phase the system will create a Buyer account so that we can keep track of the request.

What is a Purchase Request?

Purchase Requests aim to improve the quality of the pre-order information between Buyer and Seller. When a Buyer places a Purchase Request, CollexArt places an authorization hold on the Buyer's credit card for the amount of the artwork as part of a screening process. CollexArt alerts the Seller about the request, the status of the authorization hold, as well as any transaction flags. No funds get transmitted during this screening step. CollexArt communicates with the Seller in order to give the Buyer information about artwork availability and a detailed artwork condition statement.

A Purchase Request period can last from 7 to 14 days. Either party or CollexArt may cancel the Purchase Request and the authorization hold. If the request turns into an order, the authorization hold is released from the Buyer's credit card and the Seller issues an invoice.

A Seller Invoice will include either a secure PayPal or Stripe payment button. Upon receipt of the Seller's Invoice, the Buyer has five days to send payment. The purchase of the artwork via the Seller's Invoice constitutes a transaction between Seller and Buyer; while CollexArt is not a party to this transaction, it does provide a Buyer Satisfaction Guarantee. Please see our TOS section that covers Purchase Requests.

How do I change my password?

Visit any login screen for the CollexArt Store, Marketplace or Forum and click Forgot Your Password.

How do I register?

Just click on Join in the main menu. On the Join Page you can choose from three different member account types or register for free by clicking on Register in the banner.

What is the difference between the CollexArt Store and the Marketplace?

The CollexArt Store features work by our exhibited artists and CollexArt members who have a membership level that allows them to submit work for consideration to the CollexArt Store. Our curatorial staff and our guest jurors select all artwork featured in the CollexArt Store. Through the Purchase Requests System, CollexArt staff provide Buyer Services to assist with the communication between Buyer and Seller.

The Marketplace is a dynamic member sales area. Anyone who wishes to buy or sell in the Marketplace must be either a Marketplace member or a registered user. For important Marketpace terms and information, please see our TOS section relating to the Marketplace.

The Marketplace is a Seller to Buyer direct transaction model that requires no involvement on our part at any time. The Marketplace is for the re-sale of studio gear and tools, as well as collectible books and catalogs. We monitor items listed in the Marketplace. We reserve the right to decline any listing for any reason, and at our sole discretion.

What types of payments do you accept?

Artists use either Stripe or PayPal Payment Processing Systems. Both services offer Buyers the ability to pay with most major credit cards. In some cases, Sellers may require a wire transfer.

When will my credit card be charged?

Once the Seller agrees to move forward with the sale, the Seller generates a Seller Invoice for the Buyer, and CollexArt releases the Purchase Request authorization hold from the Buyer's credit card.

Your credit card will be charged when you pay using the Seller Invoice pay button.

What will appear on my credit card?

When you make a Purchase Request, an authorization hold gets placed on your credit card. The hold may appear as Kodexio or CollexArt. Once you finalize the purchase with the Seller, it is the Seller's information that will appear on your credit card.

Will a seller ship to a P.O. Box?

No. The shipping address must be the legal address of the Buyer, and it should match the form of payment billing address.

Can I track my order?

Tracking information is sent to you when your order ships.

What is the Buyer's Satisfaction Guarante?

The CollexArt Buyer's Satisfaction Guarantee means that CollexArt will pay the first $300 of shipping for an item returned to the Art Store because a Buyer changed their mind. The Buyer’s Satisfaction Guarantee does not apply to items purchased in the Marketplace nor to any items from the CollexArt Store that get returned because they were damaged or not as described. This guarantees only applies to orders shipped within the Continental USA.

How is shipping handled?

Unless specified in the listing, all artworks are shipped by the artist who created the piece.

Do you offer a price match guarantee?

When you buy artwork from a CollexArt seller, you are buying it from someone who has agreed to offer Buyers, referred by CollexArt, a price match guarantee. That means, if the same artwork is offered for less elsewhere, you can ask the seller within 30 days of time of purchase to refund the difference.

What is the Return Policy?

The Seller handles returns. CollexArt Sellers agree to have a return policy for Continental USA shipments. In addition to the Seller's return policy, Collexart offers a Buyer Satisfaction Guarantee that may pay up to $300 of the return shipping cost in certain cases.  As a Buyer, when you receive a Seller Invoice, you will also get the Seller's return policy. If you do not agree with the Seller's return policy, you can choose not to proceed with the  transaction. Return policies may differ from one Seller to another due to different payment options and the size and type of artwork offered for sale.

What if I think the shipping cost is too high?

If for any reason you do not agree to the additional cost of shipping, you can cancel your request and decline the Seller's invoice.

Is the artwork insured?

The Seller is responsible for buying adequate full value insurance for any work that is being shipped.  The Buyer is responsible for buying adequate full value insurance for any work that is being returned unless the Seller or CollexArt is providing such service.  In all cases, all shipments should require an adult signature upon delivery.

What can I expect in terms of shipping costs?

Shipping costs will vary depending on the size of the work, the destination and the insurance required. Shipping will be calculated and shared with you before your purchase is finalized.

What happens if an artwork arrives damaged from shipping?

If your purchase is damaged in transit, you are responsible for immediately reporting the issue to CollexArt and the shipping company so that the artist can collect shipping insurance.

How do I handle return shipping of artwork?

Artwork must be returned in its original packaging. Please save all original packaging when un-boxing your art. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact info@collexart.com so that we can determine if your return is eligible for the Buyer Satisfaction Guarantee. In addition, you should contact the Seller as their Return policy must be followed.  When returning artwork great care and proper packing is required.  Artworks that arrive damaged, because of improper packing will usually not be refunded by the Seller. All returned art must include the original Condition Statement and the original Certificate of Authenticity. Items returned without the Condition Statement and the Certificate of Authenticity may not be refunded by the Seller.

I want to commission work by one of your artists. What steps do I take?

Not all of our artists accept commission work. If they do, you will see an option to fill out a commission form on their artist profile page. For a detailed description of how commissions work, please see our TOS section on commissions..

How much does it cost to commission artwork?

There is no one size fits all fee. Costs vary depending on the artist, size of the work, etc. Once you approve the cost associated with the project the artist will begin working on your commission within the time-table you approve.

When do I pay for a commissioned work?

The terms and benchmarks of each commissioned work are negotiated between the Buyer and the Artist. Please refer to our TOS section dealing with commissions.

Can I return a piece I commissioned?

Commissioned work cannot be returned.

How do I contact CollexArt?

Our email address is: info "at" collexart "." com. If you are inquiring about work in the Art Store and need to speak with our staff, please request a call.